The perfect man? He'd come with a rippling six-pack and a lantern least that's what Hollywood would have us believe. 完美男人?他必须拥有凸显的六块腹肌和瘦尖的下巴…至少这是好莱坞所展示给我们的完美男人的形象。 MailOnline decided to find out whether the fairer sex really do prefer their men looking like a Greek god, or whether pale and interesting is actually a more enticing proposition in reality. 《每日邮报》决定测试一下女性是否真的喜欢他们的男人拥有像希腊神一样英俊的外貌,或者是否相貌平平和幽默有趣的人在现实生活中更吸引人。 We asked ten ladies to don a pair of state-of-the art eye-tracking glasses - and then meet a trio of men with very different physical appeals; while one, was muscly, another was boyish and the third was more slender, sporting a hipster look. 我们邀请了10女性,让她们戴上眼球跟踪眼镜,然后观察三个不同身材的男人;第一个是肌肉男,第二个是帅气大男生,第三个身材比较瘦弱,时尚有型。 And we didn't tell them the guys would be stripped down to their underwear, meaning they would see everything, well, almost, that the men had to offer. 我们没有告诉这些女性这三个男人会脱掉衣服只穿一条内裤,额…这就意味着她们能看到这些男人们身上的所有东西。 After a brief chat with all three of the men; muscular Laszlo Doszpod, 25, boyish Danny Golds, 22, and hipster Daniel Hayes, 27, MailOnline consulted both the technology and the ladies taking part for their verdict. 25岁的Laszlo Doszpod肌肉男,22岁帅气的Danny Golds和27岁的时尚男Daniel Hayes。在与这三个男人进行了简短的交流以后,《每日邮报》请技术人员和这些女性开始参与这场测试。 The physique that attracted the most attention from the women was Danny and his clean-cut looks; with 40 per cent saying they were most drawn by his physique. 对于女性来说,最吸引他们的是Danny的身材和他精致的外表。有40%的人说这样的体格很吸引人。 Next up was Daniel, our more slender framed - and heavily tattooed - chap; 31 per cent of the women said they'd be most likely to want to see him again of the three. 第二名是身材相对瘦弱、身上有大量纹身的Daniel。30%的女性说她们可能还想再次见到他。 Finally, the man with the most gym-honed brawn, Laszlo, garnered 29 per cent of the vote. 最后,身材最好拥有腹肌的Laszlo获得了29%的支持。