Thanks to the Internet and increasing opportunities for remote working, more people can move abroad and live like "digital nomads."
These are people who telecommute and live nomadic lifestyles -- spending as much time as they'd like in cities of their choosing.
The following are 10 most popular cities for digital nomads, based on real-time check-ins on Nomad List.
1. Chiang Mai, Thailand 泰国清迈 数字游牧民看过来:最适合你工作生活的十个城市
Chiang Mai, Thailand 泰国清迈
This mountainous city perpetually ranks at the top for digital nomads as a calm place to work and play.
"It's the perfect combination of low costs of living, stable Wi-Fi, friendly people and community," says Johnny Jen, who left his corporate job in California to move to Chiang Mai.
"There's also a ton of culture, great food, warm weather, a great coffee scene and all of the comforts of a big city while having a laid back, easygoing vibe."
Depending on how well you budget, you can live on $600 to $1,500 a month, says Jen, who blogs about Chiang Mai living.
According to users, the city is very safe and boasts a number of co-working spaces.
As for downsides, it ranks poorly for nightlife -- it's a quiet city.
Monthly estimated costs: $963
2. Bangkok, Thailand 泰国曼谷 Bangkok, Thailand 泰国曼谷
Bangkok, Thailand 泰国曼谷
With a bustling nightlife, Bangkok is a stark contrast to quiet Chiang Mai.
Bangkok "has all of the big city perks," says Jen. Nomads found the city extremely affordable, with a basic meal costing on average $2.27.
But digital nomads haven't been impressed with the air quality and weather -- it can get hot.
Monthly estimated costs: $1,439
3. London, UK 英国伦敦 London, UK 英国伦敦
London, UK 英国伦敦
With its increasingly sophisticated start-up scene and crazy amount of activities, London is a major draw for digital nomads.
The digital nomads love the lively nightlife but don't care for the air quality.
However, the cost of living is high and the dust has yet to settle from last week's game-changing vote for the UK to quit the EU.
Monthly estimated costs: $3,264
4. Berlin, Germany 德国柏林    Berlin, Germany 德国柏林
Berlin, Germany 德国柏林
This is a more affordable Western Europe route.
The city draws a younger, start-up crowd. People who stay in Berlin ranked it highly for a great quality of life, safety and friendliness.
The downside is that central heating and air conditioning is not Germany's forte. Prepare to sweat.
Monthly estimated costs: $2,323
5. San Francisco, USA 美国旧金山 San Francisco, USA 美国旧金山
San Francisco, USA 美国旧金山
Your wallet will get much slimmer here, but at least you'll have new memories.
San Francisco has the highest rent in the United States, with an average one-bedroom apartment going for $3,590. You might be sharing it with more housemates than you ever thought possible.
But San Francisco's charms can't be denied with its high ratings for quality of life, Wi-Fi and nightlife.
Monthly estimated costs: $4,523