“Fat cat”在英文中指有钱有势的人,而下面一组老虎的照片重新诠释了这个词的含义。哈尔滨动物园里的几只东北虎吃得太胖,导致往日的威武霸气尽失,毛绒绒圆滚滚的样子到成了名副其实的“fat cat”。还有网友戏称,“承认吧,这就是过完年的你”。 你这么胖 我一定是遇到了假老虎 The images on People's Daily Online show some rather tubby Siberian tigers lolling around at a zoo in northeast China’s Harbin. 这些照片来自人民网,照片上几只胖乎乎的东北虎懒洋洋地躺在中国东北的哈尔滨的一家动物园内。 你这么胖 我一定是遇到了假老虎 长胖了的东北虎没了森林之王的霸气,毛绒绒圆滚滚的样子和家养的胖猫一个样。 你这么胖 我一定是遇到了假老虎 Some social media users have joked that the cats were a little over-indulgent over China's Spring Festival, which revolves around a run of excessive family feasts. 一些社交媒体用户戏称,过年时一连串过于丰盛的家宴让这些大猫有点放纵过度了。 你这么胖 我一定是遇到了假老虎 While many commenters have raised concerns about the large size of the animals, it is natural for the tigers to overeat over the winter months in a bid to survive the harsh Siberian winters. 虽然很多网友对这些老虎肥胖的体型表示担忧,但是对老虎来说这是很正常的。为了熬过西伯利亚的寒冬,它们会在冬季里吃得饱饱的。 Similar temperatures are witnessed in Harbin, which is nicknamed Ice City. “冰城”哈尔滨的气温和西伯利亚的温度差不多。 The area often experiences lows of minus 18 degrees Celsius in January. February and March can prove to be equally as bitter. 该地区一月份最低气温通常在零下18摄氏度。二月和三月的气温也一样寒冷。 你这么胖 我一定是遇到了假老虎 Siberian tigers are famed for being the biggest cat species on the planet. 东北虎以世界上最大的猫科动物著称。 There was one unconfirmed report of a wild male tiger weighing 847lbs back in 1950 and a record-breaking captive Siberian tiger named Jaipur tipped the scales at a colossal 1,025lbs. 一项未经证实的报告称,1950年有一只野生雄性东北虎的体重约为768斤,还有一只名为杰布的圈养东北虎体重创下纪录,重达约930斤。 The tigers recently photographed in Harbin should return to their regular weight during the summer months. 等到夏季时,照片中来自哈尔滨的老虎的体重应该会恢复正常。 你这么胖 我一定是遇到了假老虎 Temperatures in the area are a little less frosty from June to August, averaging around 21 degrees Celsius. 这一地区6月到8月的气候不那么寒冷,平均气温约在21摄氏度。 Siberian Tiger Park is the largest natural park for wild Siberian tigers in the world at present, occupying an area of 1,440,000 square meters. 东北虎林园是目前世界上最大的野生东北虎天然园林,占地面积为144万平方米。 你这么胖 我一定是遇到了假老虎 It has stabilized the population of Siberian tigers for decades due to intensive conservation efforts and more than 90 big cats were born in 2016. 得力于有力的保护措施,几十年这里的东北虎数量一直很稳定,而2016年新生的小老虎有90多只。