1.png(CNN) — A group of 11 Saudi princes was arrested Thursday after staging a sit-in at a palace in Riyadh, the kingdom’s attorney general said Saturday.
CNN电 沙特的司法大臣周六表示,11名王子在在利雅得一宫殿上演静坐抗议后周四被捕。The princes were protesting a recent royal order that "halted payments by the state to members of the royal family to cover their electricity and water utility bills," Sheikh Saud Al Mojeb said in a statement.Saud Al Mojeb酋长在一份声明中指出:“这些王子抗议近期一项王室命令,即停止由国家为王室成员支付电费和水费。”They also want compensation for the 2016 state execution of a cousin who was convicted of murder, the statement said.声明称,他们还想获得赔偿,因为国家2016年处决了他们的一名罪犯兄弟。Authorities had told the princes their demands were unlawful, but they refused to leave and public peace and order was disrupted, the attorney general said.司法大臣说道,当局已经告知这些王子,他们的要求是非法的,但是他们拒绝离开,治安和秩序受到了扰乱。The princes were being detained at Al-Hayer prison south of Riyadh, the capital, pending trial.王子们现在被拘留在首都利雅得南部的Al-Hayer监狱,等待审判。"No one is above the law in Saudi Arabia. Everyone is equal and is treated the same as others," the statement said.声明称:“在沙特阿拉伯,没有人能够凌驾于法律之上。人人平等,待遇相同。”Two months ago, authorities arrested dozens of royals, businessmen and senior government officials as a part of a corruption crackdown. Those detained included the former head of the royal court, Khaled Al-Tuwaijri, and Saudi media mogul Waleed Al-Ibrahim.两个月前,当局逮捕了几十名王室成员、商人和政府高官,以此作为打击腐败的一部分。那些被逮捕的人包括,皇家法院前院长Khaled Al-Tuwaijri和沙特媒体大亨Waleed Al-Ibrahim。The investigation is being overseen by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who was appointed head of a new anti-corruption committee hours before the arrests began November 4.王储Mohammed bin Salman正在视察该调查,在11月4日逮捕发生前的几个小时,他被任命为反腐委员会首长。