1.pngTokyo (CNN) — Japan’s Prime Minister has called the prospect of a nuclear-capable North Korea "absolutely unacceptable" and said the security situation facing his country is the severest since the Second World War.CNN东京电 日本的首相称,北朝鲜拥有核能力的前景是“绝对不能接受的”,日本面临的安全局势是第二次世界大战后最为严重的。Prime Minister Abe urged the international community to apply concerted pressure to the rogue nation in an attempt to coerce its regime into giving up its nuclear ambitions.安倍首相敦促了国际社会共同对这一流氓国家施压,以来强制其政权放弃其核野心。"A nuclear armed North Korea is absolutely unacceptable," he said at a news conference Thursday in Japan’s Mie prefecture.他周四在日本的三重县一场记者会上表示:“一个核武装的北朝鲜是绝对不能接受的。”Tensions in the region have remained high in recent months. In September, the North Korean regime carried out its sixth and most powerful nuclear test. Its most recent missile test -- during the early hours of November 29 -- landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone.近几个月,该地区的局势十分紧张。在九月份,北朝鲜政权进行了其第六次且威力最猛的核试验。其最近的导弹试射——11月29日凌晨——进入了日本的专属经济区。"Without giving in to any provocative action, we must change the North Korea’s policy by maximizing the pressure in complete solidarity with the international community," Abe said.安倍说道:“不能屈服任何挑衅行为,国际社会必须团结一致,通过将压力最大化,改变北朝鲜的政策。”Abe underlined the graveness of the situation by comparing it to the Second World War.安倍通过将局势比作二战,强调了其严重性。"It is not an exaggeration to say the security environment surrounding Japan is at its severest since the war," he said.他说:“说日本周边的安全环境系战后最严峻,这并不夸张。”