1.pngBeihang University has acted after a student reported about a harassment case from 2005.在一名学生曝光了一起追溯至2005年的骚扰案之后,北航大学采取了行动。A professor at Beihang University in Beijing was suspended on Monday over an accusation of sexual harassment from a former student.周一,北京北航大学一名教授因被指性侵之前的一名学生而被停职。Luo Qianqian, a former doctoral student of Chen Xiaowu, posted on social media recently that the professor took her to his sister’s empty apartment one afternoon in 2005.近日,陈小武的前博士生罗茜茜在社交媒体上发帖,2005年的一个下午,陈小武将她带至他姐姐的无人公寓中。She said Chen complained about his sex life with his wife and attempted to have sex with her. He hesitated when she told him she was still a virgin and begged him not to do anything, Luo said.她说,陈小武抱怨了他与他妻子的性生活,并且企图与她发生性关系。当她告诉他,她还是处女,同时求他不要乱来时,他犹豫了。The alleged victim says Chen, her deputy supervisor, told her not to tell anyone about what happened and said it was a test of her moral conduct. She said she became depressed and relied on anti-depressants to get through the day when her relationship with Chen soured.声称自己为受害者的罗茜茜称,她的副导师陈小武告诉她不要将所发生的事情告诉任何人,并称这是对她的德行的一次测试。她表示,在她与陈小武的关系发酵的这段时间里,她变得抑郁,并且依赖抗抑郁药度日。Luo now lives in the United States. She said she finally decided to come forward after hearing about the#MeToo campaign in the US, which encourages people to speak out about sexual harassment.罗茜茜现居美国。她称,在听说美国#MeToo运动后,她最终决定曝光此事。该运动鼓励人们大胆说出性骚扰。In October, she identified at least five female students from Beihang University who also claimed they were sexually harassed by Chen. They formed a group, and Luo started to collect evidence. She later published an article on social media to share their stories.10月,她发现了至少5名声称曾遭陈小武性骚扰的北航女生。她们组成了一个团队,罗茜茜开始收集证据。随后,她在社交媒体上发表了一篇文章,分享她们的故事。After the article began to circulate, the university’s discipline inspection commission contacted Luo, and she handed over the evidence against Chen.在这篇文章开始流传后,北航大学的纪律检查委员会联系了罗茜茜,她还提交了针对陈小武的证据。Beihang said in a statement on Monday that the university takes the accusations against Chen seriously. A work group has been set up to investigate the case, and Chen has been suspended.北航于周一在一份声明中表示,学校将会严肃对待针对陈小武的指控。已经成立工作团队调查此案,陈小武已被停职。China Daily was unable to contact Chen for comment. However, on Monday afternoon, he told Beijing Youth Daily he had heard about the accusations on social media and denied he has done anything to violate the law or discipline rules.《中国日报》无法联系到陈小武以作评论。然而,他于周一下午向《北京青年报》表示,他听说了社交媒体上的指控,同时否认他做过任何违纪违法的事情。He said people should wait for the conclusion of the university’s investigation.他表示,大家应该等待学校的调查结果。