1.pngFox News host Ed Henry on Wednesday night accused former President Barack Obama of comparing President Donald Trump to Hitler.福克斯新闻主持人埃德·亨利于周三晚指责了前总统巴拉克·奥巴马将总统唐纳德·特朗普比作希特勒。When Prince Harry interviewed Obama in a sit-down BBC interview, the former president made a thinly veiled jab at Trump’s social media presence. “How people interact on social media today could splinter society, especially when used by leaders to divide,” he said.在BBC一次面对面访谈中,哈里王子采访了奥巴马,这位前总统公开地抨击了特朗普的社交媒体存在。“人们今天在社交媒体上的互动方式能够分裂社会,尤其是当领导人使用社交媒体进行分裂的时候。”During the Fox News panel discussion on Obama’s outspokenness on Trump, political writer David Catanese noted that Obama never mentioned Trump by name but also said that Obama’s attack breaks “a recent precedent” of former presidents not eviscerating their successors.在福克斯新闻就奥巴马直说特朗普一事展开的小组讨论中,政治作家大卫·堪通尼指出,奥巴马没有提及特朗普的名字,但是他的攻击打破了前总统不对继任者说三道四的先例。Throughout his presidency, Trump himself has launched a barrage of attacks on Obama, both verbally and by working to unravel his legacy, taking the ax to a range of policies - from Obama’s climate accord, to the Iran nuclear deal, to transgender people serving in the military, and, of course, to Obamacare.担任总统期间,特朗普对奥巴马发起了一系列攻击,包括在言语上和废除奥巴马的政治遗产。他大刀破斧砍掉一系列政策——从气候协议到伊朗核协议,到变性人从军,当然还有奥巴马医改。