The 4th World Internet Conference (WIC), with the theme, "Developing digital economy for openness and shared benefits - building a community of common future in cyberspace," opened in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province on Sunday.第四届世界互联网大会(WIC)于周日在浙江乌镇开幕,主题为“开放数字经济,共享利益,构建一个共同的网络空间社区”。The CEOs or senior executives from major US Internet companies including Apple, Google and Facebook, as well as heavyweights from China's Internet economy, are in attendance, reflecting the attractiveness of the conference's theme.包括苹果(Apple)、谷歌和Facebook在内的美国主要互联网公司的首席执行官或高管,以及中国互联网经济的重量级人物,都出席了会议,反映出会议主题的吸引力。However, some Western mainstream media continue to show their prejudice, distorting China's claim of respecting Internet sovereignty. They dwell on the fact that people cannot access some US websites and accuse China of ranking low in Internet freedom based on their own reports, so as to prove that Internet openness in China is fake.然而,一些西方主流媒体依然有偏见,扭曲了中国对互联网主权的尊重。他们关注的事实是,人们无法访问一些美国网站,并指责中国根据自己的报告在互联网自由排名中排名较低,以此来证明中国的互联网开放是虚假的。The all-round development of the Internet has gradually filtered into every facet of our lives. Its connection with all kinds of major relationships in the real world is thus increasingly evident. Over the past decades, China has become one of the nations with the highest degree of openness in the world. It is also a country that emphasizes sovereignty and has been managing affairs in the field of ideology strictly. The combination of these two aspects enables China to find a path toward success. As for the Internet, such an exploration is underway.互联网的全面发展逐渐渗透到我们生活的方方面面。它与现实世界中各种主要关系的联系日益明显。在过去的几十年里,中国已经成为世界上开放程度最高的国家之一。它也是一个强调主权的国家,在意识形态领域一直是严格管理事务的。这两个方面的结合使中国能够找到通往成功的道路。至于互联网,这样的探索正在进行中。Some observers in the US and some other Western countries are against the concept of sovereignty of the Internet. That's because they want to dress up the interests of the US and the West into the common interests of the entire world and turn the multi-polar world into a West-dominated uni-polar world through the network. Intentionally or not, they have neglected the complexity of the Internet and have been misleading the public with the simple slogan of "freedom."美国和其他一些西方国家的观察人士反对互联网主权的概念。这是因为他们想要把美国和西方的利益置于整个世界的共同利益之上,通过网络把多极化的世界变成一个西方主导的单极世界。不管有意还是无意,他们忽视了互联网的复杂性,并以“自由”这个简单的口号误导公众。China's Internet economy is developing rapidly. It has not only achieved fruitful results that have amazed the world, but also enjoys promising prospects. If China's Internet really is that closed, it would be unimaginable to see all the achievements and optimistic outlook.中国的互联网经济正在迅速发展。它不仅取得了丰硕的成果,使世界感到惊奇,而且也有了光明的前景。如果中国的互联网真的关闭了,看到所有的成就和乐观的前景将是不复存在。The West must wake up to the fact that China has the right to choose its own political system as well as explore relevant systems and models. Beijing is now looking for a conjunction point between Internet technology and maintenance of public opinion to maximize the benefits of the Internet era.西方必须认识到,中国有权选择自己的政治制度,也有权探索相关的制度和模式。北京现在正在寻找互联网技术与公众舆论维持的结合点,以最大限度地利用互联网时代的利益。Holding on to the opening up of the Internet as well as the bottom line of Internet sovereignty are actual demands for many countries. How to coordinate the two demands is probably the key to establishing a community of common future in cyberspace.坚持互联网的开放以及互联网主权的底线是对许多国家的实际需求。如何协调这两项需求,可能是构建网络空间命运共同体的关键。It is hard to reach a consensus over the divergence between China and the West when it comes to their systems and ideologies. But both sides need to have an open mind toward each other, rather than simply attaching a label to the complicated area and lay all the difficulties on their different political systems.在中国和西方的制度和意识形态上,很难达成共识。但双方都需要有一个开放的心态,而不是简单地把一个标签贴在复杂的地区,把所有的困难都放在他们不同的政治制度上。