最近,反腐剧《人民的名义》正一跃成为当下的荧屏爆款,该剧汇集了40多位老戏骨同台演出,互飙演技展现官场百态,播出后受到观众广泛好评和追捧。在同学们追剧的同时,小编特意整理了一些反腐话题的相关英文表达,一起来学习一下吧。 看《人民的名义》学英语:这些反腐话题用英文怎么说? One of the newest television dramas in China, In the Name of People debuted in China on March 28 on Hunan Satellite Television. The show portrays officials at various levels carrying out anti-corruption actions against high-ranking officials (“tigers”) as well as low-level ones (“flies”).
Adapted from a novel of the same name, In the Name of People tells its story through the fictional character of Hou Liangping, who is the Procuratorate’s anti-graft department director in the show, which focuses on the investigation of a string of corrupt officials who are involved in real-estate allotment in Jingzhou city of Handong province.
Zhou Meisen, a renowned writer of political novels and dramas, was chosen to write the script.
看《人民的名义》学英语:这些反腐话题用英文怎么说? Zhou Meihen has some familiarity with officialdom. He was a deputy secretary-general in the city government of Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, in the mid-1990s. He said friends still in that world have helped him write about it.
"As a writer, you should dare to delve into rarely touched sides (of anti-corruption campaigns). Otherwise, you lose the trust of your readers and audience," Zhou said.
According to Zhou, there are various reasons for the corruption of an official, weakness of character, lures in an official career, traps set by other people, etc. "But actually, the ultimate reason is the unchecked development of human greed, with the power being not supervised effectively," he says.
"I've never considered corrupt officials as demons. They are human. I try to explore their inner conflicts after they fall from high positions," Zhou told Beijing News.
目前该剧豆瓣评分8.7,全网播放量突破10亿,屡次登上微博热搜,“达康书记”更成为新一代表情包男神。 看《人民的名义》学英语:这些反腐话题用英文怎么说? 一部《人民的名义》掀起了一股正能量追剧之风,引燃了反腐话题,也折射出我国在新时期将反腐进行到底的决心和信心。那么,反腐的相关话题该如何用英文来表达?一起来看看吧! 腐败
看《人民的名义》学英语:这些反腐话题用英文怎么说? 腐败(corruption)是描述国家工作人员以权谋私、贪污受贿、生活腐化等的统称。 它有多种形式,包括: 贿赂(bribery)
以权谋私(influence peddling)
In the Name of People shows a deep reflection on the fight against corruption, such as the complicated relationship between combating corruption and fostering economic development as well as the traditional code of conduct.
anti-graft drama
In the Name of People is just the first of five anti-graft dramas the Procuratorate's broadcast department has been producing. The center received instructions in 2015 from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, to produce more corruption-themed films and dramas.
corrupt official
这部戏中,最令人惊艳的表演之一就是侯勇饰演的贪官赵德汉,这位老戏骨用神演技还原了“小官巨贪”的嘴脸。 看《人民的名义》学英语:这些反腐话题用英文怎么说? 他住着破房子,吃着炸酱面,骑着自行车上下班,却买了一栋房子来藏钱。 看《人民的名义》学英语:这些反腐话题用英文怎么说? It has become a pattern for corrupt officials to send their family members overseas.
剧中,京州市副市长丁义珍就是一个既行贿又受贿的主。他掌管光明峰项目,从投资商手里拿贿赂,再向国家部委专管项目审批的赵德汉行贿。 看《人民的名义》学英语:这些反腐话题用英文怎么说? 向某人行贿,可以用bribe的动词形式,bribe sb to do sth;或名词形式offer/pay/give bribes to sb。 Bribe是可数名词,a bribe指一笔贿赂,bribes是多笔贿赂。 受贿可以用take/accept/receive bribes,或被动形式be bribed来表示。 廉洁
除了贪官污吏,剧中也刻画了一位为人清廉,为人为民的老干部陈岩石。 看《人民的名义》学英语:这些反腐话题用英文怎么说? 陈老把政府分的房子卖了,钱全部捐给社会,自己和老伴却住进了养老院。 Xi Jinping demands military officials stay clean to set an example for the soldiers.
The fight against corruption is still very difficult and the campaign of building a clean-fingered Party and government should be firmly pushed forward.
电视剧一开始就是一场惊心动魄的贪官潜逃的大戏。 狡猾的丁义珍受“高人”指点,展现了高超的反侦察能力,竟然在检察院反贪局的眼皮底下溜走。 看《人民的名义》学英语:这些反腐话题用英文怎么说? 丁义珍的这种行为用英文表达就是abscond,指为躲避债务、罪责、法律制裁等而潜逃,为逍遥法外而逃亡,逃匿。 此外,flee、escape、run away都可以表示逃跑。 红色通缉令
Interpol red notice
丁义珍乘飞机逃往美国后,警察厅祁厅长亡羊补牢,让检察院准备丁义珍的犯罪资料,发红色通缉令。 红色通缉令,即红色通报,相当于国际逮捕令(international arrest warrant),由经办国国际刑警中心局和国际刑警组织共同签发,是对所通缉的人员实施拘捕并进行引渡(extradition)的通报。 红色通缉令的英文是Interpol red notice,简称red notice。Interpol即the International Criminal Police Organization,国际刑警组织。 看《人民的名义》学英语:这些反腐话题用英文怎么说? 中国官方在2015年4月22日公布了一份涉及100名外逃国家工作人员和重要腐败案件涉案人的“红色通缉令”。 Since China launched a campaign to hunt down fugitives implicated in duty-related crimes in October 2014, 164 suspects, including 27 listed in an Interpol red notice, have been repatriated or persuaded to return to China from 37 countries and regions.
片中,丁义珍逃往美国,让领导们非常头疼,因为中国和美国没有签引渡条约(the two countries have no extradition agreement)。 看《人民的名义》学英语:这些反腐话题用英文怎么说? 双规
subject to questioning at an appointed time and place
在讨论如何处理丁义珍的会议上,几位领导各怀心事,发生了分歧。 市委书记李达康和公安厅厅长祁同伟主张“规起来”。 看《人民的名义》学英语:这些反腐话题用英文怎么说? 检察院反贪局局长陈海主张“拘起来”,最后高书记请示了省委书记后也决定“拘起来”。 看《人民的名义》学英语:这些反腐话题用英文怎么说? “规起来”,就是双规,即规定时间,规定地点,交代问题,这是党内对党员是否违纪的调查。 用英语表达就是:subject someone to questioning at an appointed time and place 或者:someone is under investigation at appointed duration and place “拘起来”,则是拘捕,走的是司法程序,说明这位官员已有违法证据,等待审判。 被拘捕就是being arrested and jailed