1. It is said that the public and Congressional concern about deceptive packaging rumpus started because Senator Hart discovered that the boxes of cereals consumed by him, Mrs. Hart, and their children were becoming higher and narrower, with a decline of net weight from 12 to 10.5 ounces, without any reduction in price. (1997. 阅读. 6. Text 1) 【译文】参议员哈特一家在购买盒装麦片时发现,包装盒变高了,变窄了,麦片的分量也减少了,然而价格却分文未降。据说,由此在公众和议会中引发了一场关于欺骗性商品包装的轩然大波。 【析句】主句是固定句型It is said that...,意思是“据说”,it作形式主语,真正的主语是that引导的主语从句。在主语从句中,the public and Congressional concern about...started是主句,主句后是because引导的原因状语从句。而原因状语从句中,谓语discovered后是that引导的宾语从句the boxes were becoming higher and narrower,consumed by him...children为过去分词作定语修饰the boxes of cereals。最后,with a decline of net weight...作伴随状语。 2. A study of drugstore and supermarket shelves will convince any observer that all possible size and shapes of boxes, jars, bottles, and tins are in use at the same time and, as the package journals show, week by week, there is never any hesitation in introducing a new size, and shape of box or bottle when it aids in product differentiation. (1997. 阅读. 6. Text 1) 【译文】一项关于药店和超市货架的研究结果会让每一位观察者相信,大小不同、形状各异的盒子、罐子、瓶子和锡盒都在使用。而且,正如包装杂志显示,只要有助于产品标新立异,每周生产商都会毫不犹豫地更新包装的尺寸和形状。 【析句】例句2由and连接并列的两部分组成,各有一个主句和从句。第一部分的主句是A study of drugstore and supermarket shelves will convince any observer that..., that引导宾语从句作convince的间接宾语。and后的第二部分的主句是there is never any hesitation in...,主句前as the package journals show作定语从句,主句后则是when引导的时间状语从句。 3. The producers of packaged products argue strongly against changing sizes of packages to contain even weights and volumes, but no one in the trade comments unfavorably on the huge costs incurred by endless changes of package sizes, materials, shape, art work, and net weights that are used for improving a product’s market position.(1997. 阅读. 6. Text 1) 【译文】包装商品的生产者强烈反对改变包装以减少商品重量和体积的说法,但是这一行业中却没有人反对这种言论:为了提高产品的市场地位,不断改变包装的尺寸、材料、形状、艺术造型和净重耗费了高额成本。 【析句】句子的主干是The products of packaged products argue against changing sizes...,but no one comments unfavorablely on the huge costs...,but连接两个具有转折关系的并列句,前句是简单句,后句是复合句。在后句中,the huge costs后incurred by endless changes of...net weights是过去分词作定语,而最后是that引导的定语从句修饰endless changes。