1. Clothes play a critical part in the conclusions we reach by providing clues to who people are, who they are not, and who they would like to be. (1997. 阅读. 1. Text 3) 【译文】一个人的着装为我们判断他是怎样的人,他不是怎样的人,以及他想成为怎样的人提供了线索,这在我们得出结论的过程中扮演重要角色。 【析句】主句Clothes paly a critical part in the conclusions,we reach by providing clues to...作the conclusions的的宾语从句,省略了that或which,并且by providing...作方式状语。最后,在宾语从句中,providing clues to后有三个并列的who引导的宾语从句,作介词in的宾语。 2. Coleman concludes that excellent job performance is so common these days that while doing your work well may win you pay increases, it won’t secure you the big promotion. (1997. 阅读. 1. Text 4) 【译文】科尔曼得出的结论是,如今工作表现优异的人如此常见,以至于仅仅做好自己的工作只能帮你获得加薪,却无法保证得到大幅度的职位晋升。 【析句】复合句。主句是Coleman concludes that宾语从句,重点在that宾语从句。宾语从句中,主句是excellent job performace is so common that it won't secure you the big promotion。宾语从句的主句中包含了so...that...结构,而that引导的句子it won't secure you...前,有while引导的表示转折关系的并列句。 3. Most women and blacks are so frightened that people will think they’ve gotten ahead because of their sex or color that they play down heir visibility. (1997. 阅读. 1. Text 4) 【译文】多数女性职员和黑人职员十分担心别人会认为他们是依靠性别或肤色才表现突出,因此他们努力让自己变得不起眼。 【析句】与例句2类似,例句3也使用了so...that...结构,不同的是,例句2中so之后只有一个that,并且that引导了两个并列句,而例句3中,so后有两个that引导的句子。第一个that引导宾语从句,第二个that才与so搭配。